World’s Best!

I was reading The World of Interiors and the article on the artist, Francis Bacon, showed pictures of the turmoil and dumping ground of his studio.


God! He uses a shovel to move through this roomscape. Someone said that after 4 years the dust build-up doesn’t change.


Gee I’m glad to hear that.  I feel better now.  I have only 3 years and 6 months to go before a stable blanket of dust alters the apperance of my studio:  the effect could be quite surreal.


I mis-spelled studio as I typed the above and a word hit the screen spelled: stufio.


I like it! Yes I adopt this new word as my own.  All my stuff-fio moves in a never-ending outflow of abnormal accumulation from one end of our closet challenged interior to the other.


My daughter has come up with a phrase she coined, “Shit-shifter,” and according to her I am the world’s best!

Labyrinth of Surface Unveiled

labyrinth of surface and artistry

Lace, or fancywork, attracts the viewer by its sheer intricacies.

Arabesque, ornamentation, decoration, embellishment, adornment, ribbon, trim.

Yes, lace is all of these and more; openwork, netting, mesh, filigree, and webbing.

No matter how lace is defined, I’ve always been attracted to, and fascinated by, the infinite patterns unveiled in this artistry.

All fancy aside, I remain open-minded and regard ordinary laces, flaunting their hallmarks, as  plausible alternatives to the very costly and dear jewels of lace.


Flower from the Garden of Lace

DIY Lace

Waving Goodbye Lace


Always to be found in the finest of place

and in the best of taste.