Paper Hearts along the Sill

Happiest of times

before they kissed you goodbye

never grew long roots.

"Impressions IV"
“Impressions IV”
"Impressions VI"
“Impressions VI”
"Impressions V"
“Impressions V”

A Document of Light and Expression.  My camera is a buffer:  a shield;  it sits close to my heart.

©2015 Nicole Rigets

Unconcerned Dismay

"Breathing into the Past"
“Breathing into the Past”

 “Into rose petals… past the breeze from a window… Love me I love you”

"Whispers from the Past"
“Whispers of Sentiment”


Another day of discovery arrives in fog… fog, in a hue,the very same as this   text I’ve chosen.  


"Committed to Memory"
“Committed to Memory”




Wild experimentation has led to a myriad of possibilities using tools and techniques from Apple, WP, and accidental goodies.


 Copyright ©2015 Nicole Rigets


I Rely on My Scream

I’m a Risk Taker:  a Cable Walker… these traits forced me to change the Theme of my Blog on New Year’s Day. WordPress offered to spike my creativity and my intuition led me to sign up for Blogging 101.

Yesterday I began following 5 New Topics and 5 New Blogs to expand my Social Community. What began as a Homework assignment soon evolved into a pleasing search for other’s perspectives on interests and values, habits and experiences I’m curious about.

'Camera Collage'
‘Camera Collage’

The outcome was fresh insight into defining my personal standards… and since this is a new start, it’s a perfect fit. I’ve now expanded my interests to include: Books, Musings & Personal, Crafts, Food, and Travel.

… and the scream ended when I received help from new friends on The Commons after I took a lunge into the air by deleting my Pages and… well it all worked out.  Now for my next rise and fall.

©2015 Nicole Rigets


Unforgettable WordPress

Your Annual Report from

Hi nicolerigets,

Remember me? I’m your website.

I miss you, and so do other people. Did you know that 590 people visited me in 2014, even though you didn’t publish anything new? They like what you have to say!

Maybe you should give them more of what they’re enjoying! How about logging in, looking at what was popular last year and writing about something similar

Your adoring public misses you!

Following this Message I was offered an opportunity to take a complimentary course in  Blogging 101.

My Annual Report from WordPress reminded me of how much I missed writing Blog posts.  Writing manually, using a fountain pen, I work in my Journal almost daily.  This process is different than Blogging because it’s much slower and more contemplative.  When I’m typing on the computer, or along a ‘vintage’ typewriter, words take action, form and shape, and become more than inner sounds.

“High Frequency”
My life is a deck of cards; I never know what will be dealt out to me next. This factor has influenced my blog, and to describe the blog, I would say it’s a “pastiche” of fifteen years journaling and living everyday as a process in the making of art.  I think of this pastiche as a myriad of movements and impressions affecting the pitch and frequency of my life; turning it up and down without my consent.

I’m a published Photographer, Artist and Designer.  In 2004 I graduated from the Emily Carr University of Art & Design in Vancouver B.C. with a BFA and a Major in Photography.  I live by the sea in West Vancouver.

I’ve just changed the appearance of my Blog, to the ‘Hive” theme, and I’m excited to be learning how to assimilate the features it offers into my upcoming Posts relating to Color & Design, Painting, Writing, Photography, Fashion, Poetry, Collage, and Jewellery as wearable Sculpture.  Thank you WordPress for bringing me into 2015… you are Loved! <3

©2015 Nicole Rigets

WordPress… you’re Wonderful!!!

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 3,700 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 6 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

Love my ‘gift’ from WordPress… Thank You So Much!

BTW – A+++ for the Fireworks Feature!

2011 in Review… My Thanks to

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 4,600 times in 2011. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 4 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Jazz Berries

I met Lisa at L.K. Thayer’s Poetry Juice Bar: Lisa’s poetry Blog.  Since discovering the ‘Juice Bar’ late last year it’s been my destination of choice for a ‘good squeeze’ as Lisa would say. This “Web Mistress” publishes submissions from writers and poets, celebrities and artists; many of them in the L.A. and NYC regions, 24/7.   Thayer’s recent poem, “Find a Way,” struck a chord with me.  Lisa squeezes my poetry and I wanted to introduce her to my viewers.

"A Way"

“Find A Way”

if it’s around the corner

under the overpass

between the seats of your sofa

behind the door

in another country

across the hall

up the elevator

on your knees


in front of your face

you can find a way

to make it worth

this moment

on earth

Photo by L. K. Thayer

Here is what Roz Levine has to say about Lisa, and the Poetry Juice Bar that inspires and offers an atmosphere of friendship.

“Jazz Berries”

Ah, Lisa, queen and empress and regal directress of the Juice Bar. We fly to your Juice Bar for fattening and feasting, plumping ourselves up to ripe and ready with words and art and the god damn jazzy mysteries of creativity shaking its head from the womb of the creator.
Thank you, merci beaucoup, muchas gracias, danke shein or thanks for the rootin’, tootin’ shots of energy we need to keep us going, going, going till we are gone and out of the sometime of this ordinary world and can see with our own eyes on fire burst just how beautiful, how very beautiful is the holy.

Love you, girl with the hats galore and the words of pussy willows wafting across the wide of this world.


Roz Levine

Photo by L.K. Thayer


Stephen John Kalinich is a New Yorker and writes in a variety of fields that includes poetry.  He has written lyrics for talents such as the Beach Boys and Diana Ross. Kalinich was spot-on when he told Lisa, quote: “You are the Juice Bar’s Hot Mama!” Lisa’s vibrant personality and love of the arts has yielded hundreds of friends and viewers for her blogs and her profile on Facebook.

Thayer’s latest ‘Love’ is Photography and they are now a steady item.  L. K. Thayer’s Foto Fetish is where you’ll find her capture of angles, colors, architecture, people, and popular culture in a spirited pulsating L.A.

Link to L.K. Thayer’s Poetry Juice Bar for viewing and details for submissions.

BTW – checking out the comments can prove very entertaining.  I look forward to seeing you there!!!

Copyright © 2010 Nicole Rigets

Introducing Colorjet and Zimbio

All eighteen of me managed to produce 100 posts since mid-November 2009.  Yesterday I hit that 100 Target.  Hence the Tweet:

Production Check-up: The three-toed sloth sleeps or rests on average 20 hours a day. Count my toes…I’m no sleeper!

I’ve heard that if you work hard at your blog, it will begin to bloom after three months and it is!!!!!!!!  Thanks goes to my fabulous Viewers!

I have joined Zimbio and installed a Badge at the bottom of my Home Page in the left-hand column. “What is Zimbio,” you ask?

Zimbio is an Interactive Magazine with over Twenty (20) Million Readers A Month.

My Public Profile contains Articles (My Published Blogs), Wikizines (Articles I can Recommend or Write in Future), Polls (Vote for the Pigeon you prefer:  Sid or Midge), and Kudos (Please Leave  Me a Kudo up at the top left under my Username:  Colorjet).

Just above Colorjet the magazine lists Pictures (Stars and Entertainers), Lookbooks, TV, Music, Games, Oscars and More; more being categories galore.

There’s a reason Zimbio won a Prestigious Award as announced in the link below:

I just have to make a few comments on the dresses worn to the Oscars last night.

Thumbs Up for Oscar de la Renta on Cameron Diaz

"A Perfectly Gorgeous Fit"
"Sequins & Silver"

Demi Moore exudes “It”

"Every Line Reflects Intent"

Thumbs Down for Victoria Beckham’s Own Design


This design does not properly fit even a perfect figure.  Poorly draped and what I call a “bunchbag” around the stomach.  Can you imagine the vision you’ll create wearing this dress if you are over 98 pounds.

Jennifer Lopez in Quilted Pink Cellulite

"A Six Foot Train"

The hairdresser and stylist made a very pretty Lopez turn out looking…like she shouldn’t have looked.  Tell me what you think!

Check out all the Stars, Celebrities, and ‘Moi’ at Zimbio!

Copyright © 2010 Nicole Rigets

Checklist: Get Blog Done Before 3:00 A.M.!!!

Get dishes done before 3 days.  It was inevitable, a fully booked week leads to “Mount Dish.”  Did you know yoghurt left out even just overnight bonds or becomes part of the surface of the bowl it’s been eaten out of. I know now that I can use it for grout.  The bowls were not washed and I asked Rand if he would like his yoghurt on a dinner plate just this once.  It only takes once to set a precedent so I heard a polite refusal.  Darn!

Have you noticed when a cup is only rinsed after tea and used repeatedly over a number of days you can count the rings inside like the growth rings in a tree trunk.  3 rings = 3 days. Gently used means:  something was served today and later the bowl was whisked over with an organic paper towel (“There, that should be alright!”) and the next dish was served in the refreshed bowl.  Out of clean knives?  Not to worry, just use the handle of a large spoon or fork and the butter doesn’t know the difference.  Trust me. These little secrets are taken from my collection of short-cuts; fast lanes to by-pass a full sinkboard and go directly to the new post, to interview, or photograph a subject, or sneak in a solitary game of Lexulous.  Could it be possible, I wonder, that the dishes are behind because I have 3 games going with partners online…Nah!

The prompt to write:  All Feelings Must Be Put into Action! That’s why I keep Jack Daniels and chocolate covered marshmallow domes at my elbow.  They help me push in the opposite direction to see how far and where I can go.

Successful writers write every day.  Write every day even when you don’t want to! Chocolate Blogs are stellar for this purpose.

Writing can be a collage…small pieces arranged beautifully. Back to the blog where small daily posts become large volumes that speak in a rich tome.  I recently found a good idea: a collection of poems, when burned to a CD, become a “disk-book” instead of a “chap book”.

If it helps, summarize what you’re doing in one descriptive sentence.

Observe what’s going on around you – eavesdrop.  A swell practice for collecting dialogue to mine later.

Think about who your audience is and be specific.

There are turning points in writing and living.  There comes a time, often a death or a discovery, when you hear yourself say: “This is what I really want and now I’m going to get it.” Here is the way to grasp the writing life in the form of a writing tiger:  let your audience hear you purr and growl.

"Tiger Juice"
"...and you thought it was full!"

Copyright © 2010 Nicole Rigets

What Jeans are You Wearing this Season?

The first question is: "What jeans are you wearing this season?"

It’s the beginning of the question session at Vancouver College of Art and Design.  I have been invited to talk to Fashion Merchandising students about my art and process by Jannette Maedel who is teaching these students fashion writing.

  • I wear Acne jeans!

Is the beginning of your design process the same every time?  Describe your process.

  • My process is always changing and evolving; fueled by my emotional nature.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

  • From nature, lucid dreams, the history of art and design, cultural – visual milieux.

Do you ever fear that you will run out of ideas?

  • No – never!  I fear I’ll run out on my life’s timeline.

Who do you do your art for:  yourself or an audience?

  • I do my art for myself because I can’t not do it:  it’s pervasive and permeates all that I am.   I like others to see the work and experience it.

How long does it take to complete a piece of art?

  • From 27 minutes all the way through to no boundaries of time (infinite).  Every project is unique.  Each one depends on process, and process depends on the following factors:  money, research, support, supplies, environment, market, resolution, time sensitivity, and the ‘Artist’s Zeitgeist’.

What was the last book that you read?  Did it influence your work?

  • ‘Second Sight’ by Judith Orloff, M.D.  Orloff is a psychiatrist and psychic who tells a compelling story revealing her courageous journey to embrace her psychic gifts.  All of us are born with psychic abilities and this ground-breaking book will show you how to recognize psychic experiences in your everyday life.  The book is hard to put down.  It’s had a powerful effect on me and I’ll likely see its influence on me as my work evolves.

Do you keep some of your art or give any of it away?

  • I donate at times to fundraisers.  Some has been given away.

Do you listen to music when you work?

  • Usually I have music playing.  I listen to jazz – sometimes blues or classical.

What do you mean by, “Harmony is a velvet universe?”

  • Years ago when I first said this, I believed peace could be universally achieved.  More recently I feel my belief to be purely utopian.  Warring parties have existed for-ever and my words are my wish, they’re my divine dream, my intent.  I want to fell weapons with mindfulness and love. Wesley, a student in yesterday’s class, has written: “As hard as we all try to make the world a perfect place it will never happen.  I once heard that angels need demons…and it’s true; how do we know we’re doing good if there is no bad to compare it to?” February 17th, 2010 ‘is it just me or is it harder to breathe?

What specifically in the natural beauty of Vancouver inspired you with your work?

  • Mountains, the sea in all its moods, trees, flowers and flowering shrubs.  I have invented a color called: “Vancouver Grey.”  It is a distinct color I see all around me in our atmosphere.  This perfectly balanced neutral shade needs to be manufactured to compete with “Payne’s Gray”. “Vancouver Grey” weather makes an outstanding background for photographs; it reflects detail and adds extra depth.  Shoot when it’s overcast.

Who are your favorite artists?

  • Robert Rauschenberg, Louise Nevelson, Hannah Hoch, Alexander Calder, Edouard Manet…too many to list.  I used to sit for hours in the fine arts section of the Library at the University of British Columbia in the late nineties and pour through every book, over and over, page by page until my head was reeling with colors and lines and tangles of inspiration.  This old building that housed the library designated a large concrete room to visual arts.  I very much felt like I was below ground. The few windows were inside and small.  The glass was frosted and all the panes had chicken wire fastened over them.  I loved moving a stool along the aisles and sitting hunched over under flickering fluorescent lights dreaming of all I could construct.  I could hear the dark. The cold weather rained on the other side of the walls and this was like music to mentally create by. Strangely, I seemed to be the only one in there late at night which added another dimension to time and art absorbing me and taking me in fully.

When you were a child, did you dream of being who you are now?  How did your dreams and expectations shape the person you are today?

  • When I was a child I was skittish; abrupt noises, adults, energy fields…often caused me to experience anxiety, moods, and sometimes fatigue.  My dreams were relentless, aggressive toward me, and saturated with color.  I’m passionate about continually learning and doing new things; this has kept me shape-shifting as life unfolds.

What are your favorite styles in photography?

  • Still Life, Social Landscape, Street Photography, Milieux of Cities and People, Reflections, Fashion and Nudes.

What tools do you have “on-the-go” for inspiration?

  • Color always, and a jillion beads, trinkets, buttons, drawers full of saved paper, dried bones and flowers, one dead bird, photographs, magazines, books everywhere, my Maternal Grandmother’s Love Letters, rivers of sentimental clutter and a narrow path to navigate through.  Sometimes I feel “crazy overwhelmed” with it all, yet I know I would be depressed and despondent without it. These papered boxes, tablescapes, and shelves are reminisces of people, places, times, and everything in my life.  Even the insides of the cabinets look like collage.  As a full-time artist, I cannot relate to all my clutter as a conglomeration, when I can “legally” call it an “assemblage”.

When you write, do you prefer writing in a quiet place or do you write anywhere?

  • I write anywhere, everywhere; sometimes even as I walk. I always tuck a few index cards into my pocket or purse when I go out so I can make notes and record observations.

I love your poem about the pair of jeans.  What inspired you to write about that?

  • ‘A Pair of Jeans’, came through while I was sitting in a group at Emily Carr.  We had been meditating and doing warm-up exercises when this flowed through the tip of my pen.  Poetry comes through me at odd times.  I don’t sit down to write poems. Someone said the poem reminded her of Rita Wong’s voice in ‘monkeypuzzle’.

Wong’s poetry often addresses her relationship with her environment. Her poems show a close connection with nature and a support for local product, while expressing distaste for genetically modified foods. In forage, her poem ‘the girl who ate rice almost every day’ encourages the reader to look up Monsanto in the US patent database, and see how many patents there are for genetically modified foods, including the type of foods affected. There is also a poem, ‘canola queasy’ dedicated to Percy Schmeiser, the Saskatchewan farmer sued by Monsanto because genetically engineered canola blew into his fields. Her work challenges the reader to think about how they effect their environment. (Wikipedia). I see now from the excerpt above that Wong and I share the same sentiments regarding seeds as life and death.  Over the weekend I will post an image with text I’ve created Re:  Monsanto.

What advice do you have for young artists and designers?

  • Be 100% yourself!  Be authentic, explore, read, be curious.  Delve into photo and art history for inspiration, then put your own twist on it.

Having written this up as a blog, I noticed these questions could be used to draft an Artist Statement.  Go for it!!

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