Candy Pink, Bow, Dream, Holding Julie, Mum’s Time, Die + Cancer, Leopard Print Jacket, Walk to Ambleside, Abandoned Logs, Collage Collects, Low Granite Wall, Blacktop + Rock, Wind, Force + New Lover, Strength, Clouds Spit, Black Umbrella, Library + Heavy Books, Apartment Building + Cold Grey, Hair + Eyes, Dark Windows, Warm Lighting, Nothing Matters, Connected to Nature, Fluctuating Weather, Warm Tea, Ignore Chores, Relax into Nothing, Photography, Personal Writing

Tick Clock, Sleep, Asa Talking, So Tired, No Response, Dreams Pulling Me, Business + Financial, Anxiety, Negativity + Hopelessness, Beast of Despair, Conflicted Mindstreams, Hurling Rocks, Projects + Frustration, Opening Hours, Poetry, Photography, Life + Needs

The Eagle, The Ego, Fears + Worries, Upsets + Concerns, Friend + Coffee, Painting, Flexibility, Bliss + Attitude, Unequivocal + Dynamic Energy, Thoughts Upward, Dreams + Risk Taking, Resisting Intrusions, Redesign the Day, Recapture Energy, Abundance, Universal Communication, Vibes and Outcomes, Crows + Seagulls, Fly in Peace, Mis-step + Mis-takes, Red + Feathers, Perfect Circles, Ego Based Outer World, Shaky Self-Esteem, Core of Quest, Ridicule + Nonsense, Art School, Break Eggs, Scramble into New, Head + Heart, Love + Passion, Calendar Week, Moments + Days, Personal Writing, Affirmations

Reality Tale, Journal Entry, Mantra, Meditation, Chant, Prompt, Encouragement, Affirmation, Beauty from Within, Tale Dances + Elevates, New Ideas, Creative Work, Talk + Compliment, Curiosity, Celebrity, Professional Opinion, Fans, Consulting Services, Gifts + Thank-you’s, Write Fluently, Design New, Styles, Forms, Images, Spirit + Vitality, Paint + Draw, Passion + Emotional Strength, Well + Healthy, Deep Gratitude, Real Figure, Communicate Clearly, Accept Inner Challenges, Love Deeply, Swish through Difficulties, Patience + Goodness, Charitable + Compassionate, Open + Joyful, Support Karma, Trust Vibes, Sensory + Intuitive, Live in the Present, Photography, Art + Design, Writing, Wisdom + Respect

The Atmosphere, White Teacups, Dream, Journal, Railway Tracks, Caretaker, Telephone Pole, Carefully Wrapping, White, Cotton, Muslin, Left and Right, Conversation, Frosty-Wet, Misty + Sleety, Atmosphere, Important Things, Meet, Greet, Eat, Life, Smile + Laugh, Seastrand, East Entrance + Pauline’s Suite, Photography, Writing,