Social Misperception, Grey Spirit, Newsstand + Park Royal South, Women + Spirit, Advertisements, Fear + Behavior, Newspapers + TV, Ocean + Creek, Beaver + Igloo, Tights + Sexy Up-dates, Mirrors + Treachery, Make-up + Clothing, Expression + Disbelief, It + Power, T- shirts + Leather Belts, Glossy Black Hair + Dazzling White Teeth, Cash + Handbags, Hairpins + Bathwater, Mannequins + Choices, Personal Writing, Mind + Body, Pills + Ills,

Look So Good, Dangerous to Go Out, Downtown Vancouver, Fashion Styling + Self-Expression, Wardrobe Audit + Needs Assessment, Client’s Requirements, Wardrobe Cleanse + Blocked Energy, Clothing has Memory, Tug-of-War, Clutch or Crutch, Body Language + Chi, Classic + Frivolous, Wash or Toss, $20 Blouses, Personal Look Book, Process of Discovery, Unveiling Aesthetic, Gift of True Energy, Unknown + Clinging, Architectural Approach, Proportion + Line, Grace + Joy, Virtues + Testimonials, Look Polished, Professional and Upscale, Different Facets of Me, Goddess + Knighthood, Needs + Budget, Seasonal Elements, Writing, Photographs