Swell Sensations, Shangri-La, Geranium in Urn, Icy Wind, Long Scarves + Dance, Train Tracks Creak, Dogs Yip + Howl, Steady Grumble + Canvas Awnings Flapping, Leaves Naked, Logs Thunk, Divine Blue Sky, Madcap Glitter, Gulls Wail Mournfully, Hide + Seek, Medley of Color, Louise Erdrich + The Blue Jay’s Dance, Unpredictable + Unforgettable, Arbutus Tree in a Baby Hurricane, Crow + Morning Sickness, Birdlings Incubating + Psychedelic Drama, Fret all Day, Nest is a Floral-Lined Loft, Mother Nature Calms, Safe Nest, Power Outage Ends, Hand + Heart, Photography, Colors, Personal Writing, Books

Dog-Leggin’ Downtown, People Hugging Warmth, Waking Hours, Sidewalks, Damp + Chill, Overnight Rain, Sun, Spitting Craze, Bums + Clean Streets, Fifties, Ages + Genders, Warm Booth, New Town Bakery, Orange Plastic Upholstery, Wood-alike Tabletop, Arborite, Amber Tea, Room Temperature, Hands + Cold Gloves, Dome, Steamed White Dough, Black Bean Paste, Bill + Dollars, Refill, People Working, Nothing, Poetry, Photography, Life, Personal Writing, Claims, Packages + Junk Food, Shelf + Phone Booth

Candy Pink, Bow, Dream, Holding Julie, Mum’s Time, Die + Cancer, Leopard Print Jacket, Walk to Ambleside, Abandoned Logs, Collage Collects, Low Granite Wall, Blacktop + Rock, Wind, Force + New Lover, Strength, Clouds Spit, Black Umbrella, Library + Heavy Books, Apartment Building + Cold Grey, Hair + Eyes, Dark Windows, Warm Lighting, Nothing Matters, Connected to Nature, Fluctuating Weather, Warm Tea, Ignore Chores, Relax into Nothing, Photography, Personal Writing

Tick Clock, Sleep, Asa Talking, So Tired, No Response, Dreams Pulling Me, Business + Financial, Anxiety, Negativity + Hopelessness, Beast of Despair, Conflicted Mindstreams, Hurling Rocks, Projects + Frustration, Opening Hours, Poetry, Photography, Life + Needs