Savage Persuasion, Yellow-Striped Violins, Heart Strings, Silent Cries, Pleasure + Ecstasy, Release + Escape, Women + Soul, Powerful Longing, Male Presence, Joy + Serenity, Paths of Grace, Window Light, Reminiscing + Romance, Photography, Art and Design, Poetry, Life

Dog-Leggin’ Downtown, People Hugging Warmth, Waking Hours, Sidewalks, Damp + Chill, Overnight Rain, Sun, Spitting Craze, Bums + Clean Streets, Fifties, Ages + Genders, Warm Booth, New Town Bakery, Orange Plastic Upholstery, Wood-alike Tabletop, Arborite, Amber Tea, Room Temperature, Hands + Cold Gloves, Dome, Steamed White Dough, Black Bean Paste, Bill + Dollars, Refill, People Working, Nothing, Poetry, Photography, Life, Personal Writing, Claims, Packages + Junk Food, Shelf + Phone Booth

Tick Clock, Sleep, Asa Talking, So Tired, No Response, Dreams Pulling Me, Business + Financial, Anxiety, Negativity + Hopelessness, Beast of Despair, Conflicted Mindstreams, Hurling Rocks, Projects + Frustration, Opening Hours, Poetry, Photography, Life + Needs

The Everyday, Shirt Collar, Exhaustion, Briefcase, Leather Soles, Soil, Eyelids + Weight, Neglectful, Shaving, Folds + Face, Sores + Redness, Eruption, Surface + Skin, Dialogue Spewing, Sales Calls, Cold Calls, Warm Calls, Folding Pit, Stomach, Failed, Miserable, Promises + Tomorrow, Building Nothing, Photography, Poetry