Fire Your Preachers, Silenced by the Explosive, The Lie That is Now + Forever, Amen, River Body + Capilano River, Temples + Preacher, Run Outdoors, Listen to the River Speak, Trees Flock Together, Stretch Their Arms, Thousand Meditations, Twenty Minutes by River Bed, Rocks are Instruments, You Play Notes, Transcend, My Mortal Frame, Poetry, Photography, Color, Collage

I Must Slow My Blinks, Color, Photography, Memory + Wound in Roses, Look + Special, Worth + Fortune, Words Explain, Feelings, Wring Heart, Take Breath Away, Leave + Longing, Never Re-capture, Event + Cinema, Universe + Realm, Softly Illuminated Vistas, Between Hard Places, Tiny Sprouts + Green Grass, Long Tiles, End to Side, Sidewalk, Resilient Spot, A Hard World, Microcausm, Nourish Growth, Magic Moments, Remembering Times Past, Shine, Drying Up + Curling In, Ears Tuned + Senses Keen, Communicating, Transparent Green Bug + Glass Window, Blinked + Gone, Slow My Blinks, Stop Blinking