“If I Die”- because I don’t intend to!

"I don't intend to die," spills from a Lily

If I die,

Look for me as a bright red berry

on a deep green tree.

If I die

Search for me along the shore

among the rocks.

If I die

Think a pure thought and

find me there.

If I Die

Take a deep breath and

find me in your heart.

If I die

don’t look for me at the gym,

the bookshop, or the mall.

I will be that single, shining

ray of sun,

When the rain stops,

I will be the magenta

in the rainbow.

Copyright © 2010 Nicole Rigets

Age-Old Dolls

"Age-Old Dolls"

You just want to be

a little girl,

Find your voice

before you


hard around the mouth.

Go out in

the world,

just to see

and feel

crimped tops

on the grasses!

Copyright © 2010 Nicole Rigets

Fire Your Preachers!

River Body

Mid-Capilano River

Tear down your


Fire your preachers.

Run outdoors


listen to the river


The trees flock

together to

hear it.

They stretch

their arms out

toward it.

A thousand


cannot do as

much for me as

twenty minutes

by your bed.

The rocks are


you play and your

notes transcend

my mortal frame.

Copyright © 2010 Nicole Rigets

Imprinted/Impermanent Boneyard

Evanescent, Fleeting, Mortal, Perishable, Corruptible, Changeable, Unstable: Impermanent

“The magic of photography is the photographer’s ability to squeeze an instant out of time and allow it to speak in its own tome; a decaying and wrenching lament.  A measure of time by the smooth to the lined, the upright to the fallen, the here and now to the end.”  (N.R. Rigets)

Copyright © 2010 Nicole Rigets

I Must Slow My Blinks

"Memory Wound in Roses"

A look,

that may never be

seen again;

special, worth

a fortune, and

so on, but where

are the words

to explain how

some of these

feelings wring

your heart,

take your

breath away, and

leave you

longing to

repeat them

and you can

never re-capture

the event again.

To re-create it

would turn it

into cinema, a

universe away

from your realm.

Feeding my

inner self with

feelings; my

sight drawn to

softly illuminated

vistas between

the hard places.

The tiny sprouts

of green grass

growing between

long tiles laid

end to side bor-

dering the side-

walk speak of

finding a

resiliant spot

within a hard

world.  That micro

size microcausm

that nourishes

your growth in

the same way

those magic

moments you

were remem-

bering did in

times past. They

sent you out to

shine.  They kept

you from drying

up and curling

in on yourself.

They kept your

ears tuned, your

senses keen, your

reason for


with a trans-

parent green

bug on the

plate glass win-

dow, and once I

blinked it was

gone.  Is that

what life is

like?  I believe

so.  I must

slow my blinks

or stop blinking


Copyright © 2010 Nicole Rigets

Yesterday’s “Anthrax” of Life

"Morning Glory"

I’m having a day of disorder,

I can feel I’m wearing

my Father’s expression

along the sides of my mouth.

The misery lines

lead nowhere.

I walk and write.

Yesterday I found anthrax

in my life.

I stop to

see a crow

selectively picking up

soft white under-feathers

to line his nest.

A blister forms on my

best toe,

from a pair of shoes

I thought I could trust.

Copyright © 2010 Nicole Rigets

Uncapturable!!!Something That Will Not Stay Still

"Goodbye Without Leaving" from the Series: 'Cold Cereal' by Nicole Rigets

Where do I find the words to


a flutter,

an instant,

something that

will not stay still,

something fleeting,


more valuable

than any gem,







love so strong

it hurts when

it embraces you;

only for today,


of course.

Copyright © 2010 Nicole Rigets

Jazz Berries

I met Lisa at L.K. Thayer’s Poetry Juice Bar: Lisa’s poetry Blog.  Since discovering the ‘Juice Bar’ late last year it’s been my destination of choice for a ‘good squeeze’ as Lisa would say. This “Web Mistress” publishes submissions from writers and poets, celebrities and artists; many of them in the L.A. and NYC regions, 24/7.   Thayer’s recent poem, “Find a Way,” struck a chord with me.  Lisa squeezes my poetry and I wanted to introduce her to my viewers.

"A Way"

“Find A Way”

if it’s around the corner

under the overpass

between the seats of your sofa

behind the door

in another country

across the hall

up the elevator

on your knees


in front of your face

you can find a way

to make it worth

this moment

on earth

Photo by L. K. Thayer

Here is what Roz Levine has to say about Lisa, and the Poetry Juice Bar that inspires and offers an atmosphere of friendship.

“Jazz Berries”

Ah, Lisa, queen and empress and regal directress of the Juice Bar. We fly to your Juice Bar for fattening and feasting, plumping ourselves up to ripe and ready with words and art and the god damn jazzy mysteries of creativity shaking its head from the womb of the creator.
Thank you, merci beaucoup, muchas gracias, danke shein or thanks for the rootin’, tootin’ shots of energy we need to keep us going, going, going till we are gone and out of the sometime of this ordinary world and can see with our own eyes on fire burst just how beautiful, how very beautiful is the holy.

Love you, girl with the hats galore and the words of pussy willows wafting across the wide of this world.


Roz Levine

Photo by L.K. Thayer


Stephen John Kalinich is a New Yorker and writes in a variety of fields that includes poetry.  He has written lyrics for talents such as the Beach Boys and Diana Ross. Kalinich was spot-on when he told Lisa, quote: “You are the Juice Bar’s Hot Mama!” Lisa’s vibrant personality and love of the arts has yielded hundreds of friends and viewers for her blogs and her profile on Facebook.

Thayer’s latest ‘Love’ is Photography and they are now a steady item.  L. K. Thayer’s Foto Fetish is where you’ll find her capture of angles, colors, architecture, people, and popular culture in a spirited pulsating L.A. http://www.fotofetish.wordpress.com

Link to L.K. Thayer’s Poetry Juice Bar for viewing and details for submissions.   http://lkthayer.wordpress.com

BTW – checking out the comments can prove very entertaining.  I look forward to seeing you there!!!

Copyright © 2010 Nicole Rigets