My "Barbet-y"
My “Barbet-y”




My life is a deck of cards; I never know what will be dealt out to me next. This factor has influenced my blog, and to describe the blog, I would say it’s a “pastiche” of fifteen years journaling and five years studying at art schools. I think of this pastiche as a myriad of musical masses, affecting the pitch and frequency of my life; turning it up and down without my consent. 


I feel privileged to be working as an artist in the field of the ‘unlimited universal’, the heart of history, the flow of evolution, and this legacy that unites us all. The everyday work of art is a way for all of us to celebrate our individual aesthetic and unique character.

Evanescent, Fleeting, Mortal, Perishable, Corruptible, Changeable, Unstable:  Impermanent
Evanescent, Fleeting, Mortal, Perishable, Corruptible, Changeable, Unstable: Impermanent

As a published photographer, artist and designer, I’m always overwhelmed with form and feelings. I graduated from the Emily Carr University of Art & Design in Vancouver B.C. with a BFA and a Major in Photography.  

I grew up with Art & Photography in Vancouver:  a city with it’s knees in the water. My Studio is in a forested area I call, “Wildwood”, a block from the seashore… I’m living my Dream and sharing it on my Blog.

©2015 Nicole Rigets

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  1. Today began, with a wonderful feeling, having read your kind words about my blog. The question of alchemy as it relates to photography dizzied me all day. I intend to pursue a Master’s Degree within the next few years. I often wonder what the subject of my thesis would be. Photography is my breath… it’s an emotional core of my life. I find hidden magic reveals itself when the image develops. The camera is a shape-shifter, bringing about a change of physical form(s), as if by supernatural means. I can see you girls would have me up for the next 72 hours just loving all the thoughts I have about this subject and writing them down. This leads me to thanking you both for striking a little fire within me… and quite possibly being instrumental in helping me to make a decision for my future studies. Your energy is contagious and I so admire the work you do on your site too. You’ve prompted me to want to write a post about my alchemical relationship with the process of darkroom, camera, and film; beginning with a moonless night and digging graves for 4×5 sheet film. To be continued… xo

    1. I walked on air today after reading your words of praise… thank you so much Julia. 🙂 I loved the feeling I had when I visited your Blog: great name for it. Following you and your Instagram. Cheers! xo

  2. I would love to be able to accept this Award, but cannot fulfill the time requirement to participate. I want to thank you so much Arundhati, for thinking of me, and sending me notification of this nomination. Namaste.

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