7300 Bowls, Campbell’s Soups, Oatmeal + Red River Cereal, Paul Revere Pot, Dad + Mum, Years + Days, Soup-Rage, Drama + School, Conventional + Manufactured, Foods + Allergies, Chemicals + Preservatives, Blueberries + Bananas, Maple Syrup + Cream, Country Singers + Johnny Cash, Crows + Laughter, Witching Hour + The Seawalk, Silver Path, Orange Umbrella + Flowers, Moon + Black Air, Photography, Life, Personal Writing

Spilling Blindness, Seat of a Bus, French white-lined paper, Fears, Finding My Calling, Storm, Wind Force, Barriers + Blocking, Slow Movement, Interference, Dreams, Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier, Golf Course, Coldness + Darkness, Skeleton, Hermes Scarf, Plans + Goals, Winds of Change, Anchor or Set Sail, Romantic Adventure, Windy Leaks, Plastic Drop Sheets + Masking Tape, Chandelier, Candles, Christmas Lights, Bed in Livingroom, Textiles, Pillow Jungles, Dogs and Cats