ME, Lee, and Milieux

"Nicole" (After Friedlander)

Lee Friedlander is one of my favorite photographers.   Earlier this year my husband, Randolph, captured a photograph of me while we were visiting downtown Squamish, B.C.

It’s interesting to me that while I’m preparing to take a photograph I’m unaware of being photographed; a factor adding another dimension entirely.  A viewer sees more in the streetscape than a photographer will see while taking the photo.

In his work, Friedlander frequently liked to include telephone poles, street signs, pavement, cast shadows, and a streamlining of chaos into a class of personalized order.

This flattened 2-D image of the social landscape is one of a great number of my favorite photographs taken by Rand. It becomes one of those moments that allows us to see everything.

To view a select representation of photographs by Lee Friedlander, I recommend the Fraenkel Gallery Online.

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