50-Year Old Recipe for Golden Pancakes

This recipe has been in regular use in our family for over fifty years.

The recipe was a gift from an outside source and recorded in pen and ink on a piece of plain white paper. Originally it was taped inside the hard back cover of a very thick old-fashioned cookbook. With age the scotch tape turned amber, and eventually dried, setting the paper free.  After this, the little paper heirloom was securely put away  inside a small wooden box that had been decorated on the outside with dried flowers held in place behind glass. Letters spelling out the word, ‘Recipes’, were stenciled on top of the box, and it was passed along to a younger member of the family, with a copy of the pancake recipe reprinted on a colorful index card inside.

The original piece of paper now resides between treasured others in a soft little pile behind cabinet doors awaiting a new and thoughtful location.  Until then, it is my pleasure to share this heirloom recipe with my viewers!

Sift dry ingredients

Flour     10 ounces

Sugar     4 tablespoons

Baking Powder     2 teaspoons

Salt     1/2 teaspoon

Combine wet ingredients

Milk     10 ounces

Eggs     1 (beaten)

Vanilla     1/4 teaspoon

Butter     2 ounces (melted)

Add dry ingredients to wet and fold all together gently with a wooden spoon until combined (about 8-12 times).  Do not beat or over-mix – combining the ingredients must be done cautiously following the same technique used to mix muffin batter.

Pour onto a buttered griddle or frying pan (medium-low heat), to make each one about 8″ in diameter.  Little holes form on the surface and when the gloss disappears the pancake should be turned.  They should be light-medium golden brown.  Soft butter and a little authentic maple syrup makes a perfect topping for them.

Copyright © 2009 Nicole Rigets