7300 Bowls, Campbell’s Soups, Oatmeal + Red River Cereal, Paul Revere Pot, Dad + Mum, Years + Days, Soup-Rage, Drama + School, Conventional + Manufactured, Foods + Allergies, Chemicals + Preservatives, Blueberries + Bananas, Maple Syrup + Cream, Country Singers + Johnny Cash, Crows + Laughter, Witching Hour + The Seawalk, Silver Path, Orange Umbrella + Flowers, Moon + Black Air, Photography, Life, Personal Writing

Social Misperception, Grey Spirit, Newsstand + Park Royal South, Women + Spirit, Advertisements, Fear + Behavior, Newspapers + TV, Ocean + Creek, Beaver + Igloo, Tights + Sexy Up-dates, Mirrors + Treachery, Make-up + Clothing, Expression + Disbelief, It + Power, T- shirts + Leather Belts, Glossy Black Hair + Dazzling White Teeth, Cash + Handbags, Hairpins + Bathwater, Mannequins + Choices, Personal Writing, Mind + Body, Pills + Ills,

Swell Sensations, Shangri-La, Geranium in Urn, Icy Wind, Long Scarves + Dance, Train Tracks Creak, Dogs Yip + Howl, Steady Grumble + Canvas Awnings Flapping, Leaves Naked, Logs Thunk, Divine Blue Sky, Madcap Glitter, Gulls Wail Mournfully, Hide + Seek, Medley of Color, Louise Erdrich + The Blue Jay’s Dance, Unpredictable + Unforgettable, Arbutus Tree in a Baby Hurricane, Crow + Morning Sickness, Birdlings Incubating + Psychedelic Drama, Fret all Day, Nest is a Floral-Lined Loft, Mother Nature Calms, Safe Nest, Power Outage Ends, Hand + Heart, Photography, Colors, Personal Writing, Books

Dog-Leggin’ Downtown, People Hugging Warmth, Waking Hours, Sidewalks, Damp + Chill, Overnight Rain, Sun, Spitting Craze, Bums + Clean Streets, Fifties, Ages + Genders, Warm Booth, New Town Bakery, Orange Plastic Upholstery, Wood-alike Tabletop, Arborite, Amber Tea, Room Temperature, Hands + Cold Gloves, Dome, Steamed White Dough, Black Bean Paste, Bill + Dollars, Refill, People Working, Nothing, Poetry, Photography, Life, Personal Writing, Claims, Packages + Junk Food, Shelf + Phone Booth

Candy Pink, Bow, Dream, Holding Julie, Mum’s Time, Die + Cancer, Leopard Print Jacket, Walk to Ambleside, Abandoned Logs, Collage Collects, Low Granite Wall, Blacktop + Rock, Wind, Force + New Lover, Strength, Clouds Spit, Black Umbrella, Library + Heavy Books, Apartment Building + Cold Grey, Hair + Eyes, Dark Windows, Warm Lighting, Nothing Matters, Connected to Nature, Fluctuating Weather, Warm Tea, Ignore Chores, Relax into Nothing, Photography, Personal Writing

Peace by Piece, Amor Fati, Psyche, Susanna Ruebsaat + Art Therapy, Teacher + Wisdom, Ginette Paris, Pacifica Institute, California, Head Injury, Love of One’s Fate, Story + Drama, Messes + Feeling, Destiny Unfolds, Creativity + Ancients, Dionysian + Apollonian, Clay Sculptures, Rough + Smooth, Female Forms, Practice Life, Friedrich Nietzsche, Acceptance + Becoming, Lost My Head, Forces + Philosophies