Eat & Chew Overdone Laughter

Limes & Gladiolas

Sitting by the Limes

Hockey on T.V.

Left Side (L.S.)

Dark-haired Man

in black turtleneck

Far Right (F.R.)

All shapes & colors

of glass bottles

in between L.S. & F.R.

“Domes of Glasses”

Man with dark

hair, white golf

shirt & trendy

eyeglasses at

opposite end of bar


and out past O.E.O.B.

a heritage brick

BLDG 6 storeys

high with 3 trees – light green dark green yellow-green mix

Woman with

long hair

Heads thrown

back, mouths

open wide:

showing strong

white teeth

Laughter, loud,

overdone, new



Hands waving

up, back & forth

up & down very

fast, now steadied

by a glass of wine.

He manfully

eats & chews

his meal as if

he has taken

big bites of her

and is digesting

this encounter.

His hard &

punishing body

language softens

with his “kitten”

next to him &

he begins to

settle into an

interview by

learned response.

The line is the

same well


mandatory prelude

to a loving interlude

Her finger waves

& points, he leans

forward, appearing


Copyright © 2010 Nicole Rigets

Think Naked!! (Re-Seeding Yourself)

Businesses, people, and ideas contain seeds of obsolescence.  We may start out by making change:  introducing new blood, modernizing and transforming ourselves, our environment, relationships, our businesses or even our blogs.  We continue along the path certain that we are on track…but at some point we begin to lose traction.  Others overtake us and we’re left to figure out why we’re no longer running out in front.

We are now running behind.  I interpret this as becoming complacent in our personal life and our habits.

The artist, Paul Gauguin, wrote: “There is always a heavy demand for fresh mediocrity. In every generation the least cultivated taste has the largest appetite”.  Let’s leave it to the chain stores to fill this demand.

If we strive for the best in ourselves we can learn from new angles:  THINK NAKED!! Here is a list of ideas to march into March 2010:

  • Think in “Supernatural” dimensions.
  • Conjure up two opposites and find a way to make them intersect and work together.  ie.  Remember T.V.’s “Odd Couple”.
  • Look at what is popular and visualize it differently.  Be unique.
  • Stop being opinionated and start brainstorming from multiple perspectives.
  • Suspend your disbelief and reverse your assumptions.
  • Reframe a question to expose more than one right answer.
  • Answer ambiguous questions in several different ways.
  • Stir up my Mother’s favorite: “What if?” and put practicality aside.
  • Don’t edit yourself…gag your inner critic.
  • Think metaphorically.  We react more readily to the emotional than we do to the rational.  The trick is to use visual words instead of words lacking imagery.
  • “…free ideas slumbering in stone…”  as Michelangelo did.  In other words get rid of what doesn’t belong in you life, your art, your business, your relationships, and your thinking.

The context of your life should be useful and valuable to yourself and others.  The steps above allow us to take giant leaps to innovation; re-seeing and re-seeding ourselves. Drench your work with your authentic self, your passions.  Business is personalities and independent expression is us.

"Naked Man Running with New Ideas" Figure Drawn by Pouring Grape Juice on Paper"

Copyright © 2010 Nicole Rigets