Savage Persuasion

"Yellow-Striped Violins"

Yellow-Striped Violin

The heart rides the strings of the bow

against the silence

Cries escape from a pleasure never known

Now a torturous ecstasy

as passion is released

as passion escapes

in all directions of the soul

Slack-faced, mind driven asunder

in the sonance of a women freshly loved

A woman taken by the powerful

longing of a male presence

clinging to the life of the strings

Joy pulsating!

Veins open

Serenity resides along inner chambers

Nerves become pathways of grace

An awakening at a window

with linens so bright

they light the room.

"... reminiscing the covers of Romance Novels and Classical L.P.'s"

Copyright © 2010 Nicole Rigets

Social Misperception and the “Greying of Your Spirit”

Stopping by the Newsstand before leaving Park Royal South and leafing through some Women’s Magazines:

“As we age we fall apart.” – Bullsh_t!!  As we age we stop learning at school, stop working out or playing sports.  We keep eating out… and drinking beer, wine, juice, and lattes, all laden with calories.  The preservatives laced into conventional foods bulge the middle outward.  No exercise leaves the muscles painful and the bones in poor condition.  No new ideas result in a flabby brain and slowed thinking or forgetfulness.

Stop believing the bull in women’s magazines about aging; the mags with the ads for all your body, mind, and spirit pains.  The articles are written primarily to promote the advertisements that fill you with unnecessary fears and tell you you need manufactured pills, medications or surgery.  Take action!! Keep your mind, body, and spirit healthy by avoiding the behaviors that harm them. Take responsibility for your life by following nature and nurture.  Avoid conventional stores and commercial products and tune out old wives tales… enjoy the freedom of being your own boss and running your own life.  I dare you to throw out your television and newspapers if you will.  I overhear more people talking about these as an absolute waste of time and invasion into their free time to think, read, paint, socialize, walk/run… take photographs, choose a new pet, phone a friend.  Your choices are unlimited… try some new ones.

I shake off the negativity from the “media salad” and start across the tiny bridge that connects the parking lot with the playing fields.  Walking home past the fields with a view to the ocean, I like seeing the beaver’s bare-stick igloo, and the way it displaces the water, causing new patterns of mud to form along the edge of the creek.

While visiting the mall I was keen to study a young Iranian woman in Artigiano early today.  She had it!!  Voice, power, posture, flash, tan, probably much cash; and she had only a few accessories that differed from mine.  Lime green richly hued T-shirt, white leather belt, her shirt was tucked in; hot heels, jeans, wavy, glossy black hair, attitude, cellular, dazzling teeth!  We both had designer sunglasses and my jeans are the cool Acne brand.  I could try a colored T-shirt, white belt (later I bought a red patent one made in Germany), high heels, and better handbag.  My hair is dramatic in the opposite way  and I’m fine with it.  I don’t like cell phones and don’t use one.  I could be taller with heels but she’s taller than my 5’6″. Stunning woman teaches me a lesson:  Shut up and Show Off !!

I had caught sight of myself in a plate glass window with a mean-spirit behind it and it threw me a reflection of my expression sagging.  I fell into disbelief and hurriedly turned my head and thoughts back to the soft pink lighting of the powder room at home and the mercifully flattering reflections emitted from a 1960’s mirror.  The mirrors in the make-up and clothing departments in stores are cuttingly cruel; a tired, worn, dark, expressionless face appears out of my stare and I’m forced to try on new colors and styles to become the mannequins  and the women on posters surrounding me.  Once in the door at home, I tried on the black capri-length tights and top I bought…  up-to-date and sexy.  I needed these.

"Oh My... perhaps I should have added this too!"

Grateful for hairpins to keep my hair out of my face, off the back of my neck, and above the bathwater.

Copyright © 2010 Nicole Rigets

Adrian “Woo” Wu!!

I am Scarlet Black’s Muse.  All of last week Scarlet Black waved her press pass attending Fashion Week in Vancouver with zeal and determination to bring the latest to her blog. Fashion writing drives up our desires and makes us want to live in the world we see in print. When my subscription to Scarlet Black’s blog arrived on the threshold of my Mac there was no time to cross it:  I fell in love with Wu and was swiftly carried away.

Outstanding and Individual; Wu’s work is the most exciting since I fanned Yves St. Laurent ‘s magic years ago.

Adrian Wu's Black/White Gown

Magnificent!  And who but Wu would add notes to the symphony of his designs by deliberately placing heavy black-framed eyeglasses on his delicate models !!!

Adrian Wu's Fabric Sculpture

I’m just as impressed with this teenager’s outlook toward his fashion, family, life and education as I am by his unstoppable creativity!  I have always been flawless at spotting new trends and artists.  I scored again with Wu:  so many viewers are trying to access his website I cannot get on it today. High regard for women and the history of fashion comes naturally to Wu.

Beautiful Back View - Sweet Toffee Gown

Wu:  “I never design my dresses; I just take the fabric that I have and try to make it beautiful.”


Adrian Wu and Model

Wu is self-taught and plans to further his study of fashion design in England this fall… he has been accepted into the “Instituto Marangoni” in London.

For a link to Wu’s website and up-to-the-minute fashion reporting on Vancouver Fashion Week by Scarlet Black click on the following:

Province Newspaper Interview with Adrian Wu at:

Copyright © 2010 Nicole Rigets

Forensic Eight Year Old Uncovers a Magical Substance

Carsen was playing on the black chair in the livingroom enjoying the soft texture of it.  He was rubbing his hands up and down the back of it when he thought he’d like to swipe his hands across the tops of the arms.  “Oh look!”, he said, “Dust poufs going up to heaven.”

“Oh Great!”, I said silently – so much for my housekeeping.  The forensic eight year old uncovers my bad habits and a cloud of dust.

Dust:  A magical substance from another universe that could awaken people in the film, “The Golden Compass”; alchemy.

Dust:  Blown into rooms and onto furniture by the movement of air or wind; the ordinary.

Dust:  Dirt roads; earth.

Dust:  Covering the city in New York after 9-11; explosions.

Dust:  The bones of the dead ‘Clefts’:  females from Doris Lessing’s Book, ‘The Cleft’.

Notes I made after reading ‘The Cleft’.

  • This story was a Genesis (better than the version in Bibles).  It’s the way the first book in Bibles should have been written:  and I’m not kidding!
  • Men and Women – we cannot live without each other, procreation aside.
  • Women don’t seek change, but men do.
  • Men cannot be bothered with details.
  • Men are living fearlessly.
  • Women wait for men.  (I found a spelling error; this sentence originally read:  Women wail for men.)
  • Women hold fear.
  • Memory; oral and auditory, versus Marks; written and recorded.
  • Impermanence is infinite.
  • Perishing is surface.
  • Change is not in our control; it is in the hands of nature and the forces of evolution.

I never dreamed I could love a story of this genre so much. The internet offers kudos and criticisms that made it even more interesting for me to follow having read the book first. Harold Bloom once accused Lessing of ‘a crusade against male human beings’ but she has always resisted the designation of feminist novelist on the grounds that she is as coolly unsentimental about women as she is about men and unafraid of political incorrectness. There will, no doubt, be some (enthusiasts of the great monotheistic religions, for instance, in which male primacy seems to be a pretty key ingredient) who will take a Bloom-like view of The Cleft as a kind of feminist tract. But, in reality, this is a novel that appears to have no political allegiance, beyond a statement that women came first. She suggests that the capacity for cruelty and self-defence has as much potential to take hold of women as it does men. Last Saturday Ursula Le Guin lambastedDoris Lessing’s new novel The Cleft in the Guardian Review as ‘a parable of slobbering walrus-women’, and went on to conclude:

‘I can’t accept it. It is incomplete; it is deeply arbitrary; and I see in it little but a reworking of a tiresome science-fiction cliché – a hive of mindless females is awakened and elevated (to the low degree of which the female is capable) by the wondrous shock of masculinity. A tale of Sleeping Beauties – only they aren’t even beautiful. They’re a lot of slobbering walruses, till the Prince comes along.’

Which side are you on?

Copyright © 2010 Nicole Rigets

Dollikins – Follykins

Follly - nickname of costly building (The Pocket Oxford Dictionary 4th Ed.)

Uneeda Doll Company Inc. made the Dollikin dolls from 1958-1970’s.  Dollikin’s began as 19-20″ fashion dolls – the world’s most posable doll.  Marked UNEEDA 2S(sometimes mis-read as Uneeda 25 or Uneeda 28), they had rooted hair in various colors and several styles, sleep eyes and most amazing – 16 joints to pose her, just like a human (well a young one at least).  The doll had a wardrobe as usual, that resembled the current fashions.

Note; There are Uneeda 2S marked dolls that used the same dollikin heads, but do not have the 16 multi-joints, just (6) the neck, shoulder, waist and hip joints. These dolls are “dollikin like”, high heel fashion dolls, but do not command a price anywhere near that of the true multi-jointed Dollikin dolls.  Excerpt from

Uneeda used the same head mold, marked “Uneeda 2s”, on their non-articulated, 18″ fashion dolls as well. A number of hair colors and styles and face paint that were not available on the 20″ Dollikin body can be found on the fashion dolls bearing the same head molds. It is not known what years or for how long these straight-legged, hard plastic fashion dolls were produced.  Source: Wikipedia


“Women as objects are compared to the false perfect.  Oh, the pain this viewpoint causes! Cracked, stitched, illusory:  selling parts…”

“Painted dolls attempt to symbolize the perfect female.  The material that makes the head of a doll is used as a method of classification.”

“The magazine images are formed much like a doll with the models faces perfected by Photoshop.  The art director mounts the models on a stand or they are set in whatever position or contortion the stylist selects dictating the image…”

“To be beautiful on the outside leaves us wondering about the inside…”

Copyright © Nicole Rigets  Taken from the Series “Eat the Whole Bag”

What are we worth; what parts are we missing?